The idea is to draft a team that will collectively hit the most home runs by the end of the season.

Pick a roster of 12 hitters. The new breakdown is as follows:

(1) Catcher
(1) First Baseman
(1) Second Baseman
(1) Third Baseman
(1) Shortstop
(4) Outfielders
(1) Designated Hitter1
(2) Bench Players2

1 DH can be any position
2 Bench Players are the new “wild card”. You may select two (2) beginning this year (2019).

You must send me a PM (via the NSBB community forum) with your two Bench Players!
Do not post them publicly on the forum with your team entry. They WILL NOT COUNT unless it's sent privately to me by the deadline (see DEADLINES).

In order to help you select your players at certain positions, positions have been added to the player tier groupings. As long as the player you select played that position, then they qualify. For example: Javier Baez is listed as 2B/SS/3B, and therefore you may have him at any of those positions on your team.

This year, I am implementing a Salary Cap and players will have monetary value to them. Each team will be given $1,000 HRDD™3 (Home Run Derby Dollars). You cannot exceed your team's salary when constructing your derby participants.

Instead of Groups A through D, each tier will have money value assigned.


Each tier has the following:
COST - the cost in HRDD™ to sign said player for your team
PLAYER - name of the player
POS - position(s) said player has fielded
TEAM - current team said player plays with
HR (2018) - home runs hit in MLB in the 2018 season
HR (2017) - home runs hit in MLB in the 2017 season
HR (2016) - home runs hit in MLB in the 2016 season
PROJECTED 2019 - projected number of home runs in the current season*
* from Baseball Reference

The deadline for posting your team is 11:59:59 PM Central Time on Wednesday, March 27 2019. This is the night before MLB Opening Day. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.

Throughout the season, you may make six (6) adds/drops to your core roster of 10 players. The following rules apply to transactions:



Anyone can enter. The winner has to be a member in good standing (in other words, not banned) at the conclusion of the season.

Tiebreaker goes to the person who posted their HR Derby team first.

You can change your HR Derby team as often as you'd like before the deadline. Just EDIT your original post instead of posting a new team. If you enter two teams, only the first team will count as your entry.

3 Home Run Derby Dollars is virtual currency and has no real monetary value.